Q: car sounds like it wants to start but it is not starting. Please help! on 1996 Nissan Maxima

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when i turn the Ignition its stalling to start up. all lights and electricity is working fine. it seems like it wants to start but isnt starting. Please help!
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A diagnostic test is necessary to check for fuel pressure and the presence of spark. Something is missing - when you find out what that is, you can dig deeper to determine the cause.
Here is the repair procedure for that

1) Tow vehicle to closest qualified shop
2)Let shop diagnose the problem.
3)When the shop calls you with an estimate, authorize the repair.
4)When the shop calls you and tells you the car is ready, go pick it up, pay the bill, say thank you, and drive away.

you see how simple it is?
Holy crap!once again common 4th gen problems. Mass air flow. Crankshaft positioning sensor. Fuel pump. Check em then post these idiots a thank you
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