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Q: car sometimes shuts off when I put it in reverse on 1998 Ford Contour

I was driving one day and I put my car in reverse while it was moving forward a bit. It shut off. We moved it backwards then forwards and it came on. Now It happened again and it didnt come back on. When I turn key it doesnt do a thing and its a new battery. What could be the problem?
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When you say "shut off" do you mean shut off as in the engine shut off, dash light went dead like the battery was disconnected? If so look at the battery cable connections ensure they are clean tight and secure, ensure the power cable to the alternator is tight and secure and the ground strap to the engine has good contact.
If you put it in reverse and the engine stalls but the dash lights stay on it could be many things but if it only happens when you select revers not forward I would look atthe air induction boot/duct to the engine (particularly if the car has a weak engine mount a torn boot could cause a air leak as the engine "torques" and moves on its mount. Another thing to look at if it only happens in reverse is (being very careful not to get injured by moving or hot engine parts) is with the engine running twist and move engine compartment wiring harnesses to see if any of them have damaged wiring either due to age or rodent damage. Moving around the electrical harness should not effect the engines running if all the connections and wiring are OK.
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Yes neutral safety switch or starter/starter solenoid itself could be the problem. Support the vehicle safely and try supplying power to the starter wire that brings power from the ignition switch to the starter, if the starter spins the engine over then it is time to check for continuity across the neutral safety switch at Park and Neutral, and power to the neutral safety switch when the key is turned to the start position.
It just dies and wont start back up. Everything works, dash lights front lights radio air etc....I just cant get it started at all now. Last time like I said we just pushed it 5 feet back then it started up and its been fine untill today. It doesnt even click when I turn key or make any noise when I turn key. could it be nuetral saftey swich?Any additional thoughts? thank you for your response.
To start off with, you really shouldn't put your vehicle in reverse while it's moving forward you could seriously damage your transmission. Basically what happened is that you stalled your vehicle. If you car is an automatic, then congratulations, you are one of few who can stall an automatic. :)
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