Q: Car sometimes runs out of power and then won't even click..then later will start on 1999 Ford Escort

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Engine new 20k,has new start solenoid,ignition switch,computer,fuel pump. Battery 1 1/2 years..checks perfect.Just tried changing alarm change.I used to put into neutral when driving and running out of power ,shutting it off and restarting..power restored. Can't now because sometimes it won't even click.Sensors check out.Small current to solenoid wire even when key is off?? Why?Starter checks perfect out of the car.Please guessing please.
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I hope someone can help you.. I really do... but remember this is an online forum. Your description of the problem may be close to accurate but your car is not in front of us. We have to go off info. a small amount of guessing is in order. The people answering your question are really good some better than I. So, give them a break especially partsguy and patrick and mastertech. They know cars but your car is not in their garage. So, some 'guessing' has to factor in. Good luck!
I had the same problem and it was the alternator. I thought it was the neutral safety switch since I had a new battery/starter and occasionally had to start from neutral. It cost me around $280 for me to get that replaced but has been fine ever since.
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