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Q: Car shuts off at random on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My car shuts off at random. It could be stopped at a red light or at a stop sign or driving 30 mph. I have no idea what is going on. Now i don't want to sound stupid, but I'm a 21 year old girl who knows nothing about cars. So i cant really tell you much other then that it stops when it feels like it. It has never stopped when i was going over like 45mph though if that helps. I hope you can help me before I go to a mechanic and they screw me over for all my money. WHATS WRONG?? HELP??
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There are many different reasons for an engine to stop for no apparent reason. One critical piece of information for your mechanic is to tell him if your 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee starts right back up or do you need to wait a period of time before the engine restarts. The most common reason for intermittent engine stalling is a faulty crank shaft position sensor. This sensor relays engine speed to the engine computer. When there is no signal form the sensor the engine stalls. There are other items which can also cause this concern so please don't just zero in on the cranks sensor. There may be fault codes stored in the engine computer which could help in diagnosing your stalling condition.
im having the same problem but it just got worse it now smells like gas when i trun it on and white smoke comes out the end tail pipe.
My jeep stop when ever it wanted. I kept on getting the ignition coil message. My jeep
strated to backfire.
It turned out to be the CPU (engine computer).
I've been dealing with the same problem for approximately 3 months. I changed the ignition coil, ignition pickup/stator, fuel injectors, crankshaft position sensor and event reenforced the ground from the battery and still had the same problem. At one point during this process I was checking around the battery area and grabbed hold of the wiring harness near the cruise control mechanism and the engine began to stall; however, at the time I thought it was something I did to the battery. Yesterday my Jeep shutoff and I was unable to start it. I remembered the wiring harness and began to move it up and down and the car started. This prompted me to check my connection at the PCM, slightly moving them up and down which caused the car to stall. What I found was the wires coming from the far left connector (facing the PCM on the firewall) were rubbing on the fender wall which was causing a short. I lift the wire and rapped it with electrical tape and put it in plastic conduit. It did stall one time since them but I believe I need to open the harness where it was touching the fender and make additional repairs. Nevertheless, I'm 99 percent sure this will fix the problem.
Here is the link to check the diagnostic codes.

Will tell you what may be wrong.Good luck.
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