Q: Car shuts down while driving on 1995 Ford Mustang

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Car turns off completely while driving. I have replaced the battery,coil,plugs,plug wires,fuel pump in gas tank,and fuel filter.I suspect the on board computer or a sensor.Any ideas to this problem would be appreciated.
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What you first need to do is to find out why the car is dying. Check for spark and fuel after it dies. Don't forget to see if the dash lights illuminate when it dies to check the ignition switch. Once you find what is causing the problem then you can diagnose each part of that circuit to find the problem. You should also check to see if the malfunction indicator lamp is on and check for a trouble code.
I have a '98 Neon & it has shut down on me driving several times.The first 4 times was because of the Crank Shaft Sensor. This last time was because of the ECM. I just had it replaced & it runs great again. I love my Neon!
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