Q: Car shakes at idle, difficult to start on 1998 Dodge Stratus

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The past couple days, my car shakes when idling. Once I get moving, then it goes away. Took it to get a diagnostic/oil change at a big shop. They say that my cams are off by 2 teeth from each other. Not sure what this means, since I haven't really looked at it yet. I got my timing belt, water pump, etc replaced a year ago.

The difficulty starting might have been because I had my A/C on. I turned it off and feathered the gas on the next step when it was struggling. Seemed to work.
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If the timing belt was replaced a year ago and now the timing belt is off by two teeth I wonder if the timing belt was adequately tensioned or the tensioner has failed. Luckily that engine doesn't bend valves if the belt brakes. Air conditioning on or off should not factor into things.
The mechanics at the shop were saying it is an interference engine. I guess I'm wondering if the shaking could be from anything else besides what they said.