Q: car over heated I pulled over right away. I took it to the shop they said I need on 1998 BMW Z3

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a thermostat replaced I drove 1 and one half blocks and the car had a loss in power in the gas petal and the car went to
red I took it back to the shop and they said I would needed my head gasget replaced. then they said I may need my starter ,hoses ect replaced. then they said I would be better off replaceing the engine that it would be more cost effective.... $4000.00 no oil was coming out the lifters sounded
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I would start by towing the car to another shop. Have them perform a block test on the cooling system to detect combustion fumes in the coolant. If that checks negative, have them pull a vacuum on the cooling system and fill that way. The head gaskets on the 6 cylinder cars doesn't suffer overheating well and may have blown. The shop will need special tools to retime the engine properly if the head has to come off. Hope this helps some.