Q: Car not reversing with strange transmission noise? on 1996 Toyota Camry

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I replaced my 96 camry's automatic transmission, and when the car is started the transmission makes a clicking sound in idle. When I took it for a drive, I could not get reverse, and drive to the wheels was intermittent when in Drive gear. I have checked the transmission oil and it is full. Any advice how on how to fix this problem would be excellent.
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possibly, I did not check whether the torque converter was engaging properly, do you think the problem could be caused by having the drive shafts the wrong way around?
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The axles will not go in the wrong way, or you couldn't tighten the nut to the hub at the wheel, the other side has no place to bolt to.
the nuts are tight, my dad is looking at the car now it is up on stilts and he thinks the axles aren't a problem. He was wondering if you had any advice on the torque converter, whether there was a way to check it without removing the entire transmission.
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Just hoping the pump was damaged during install. Usually the pump will not work if it is damaged. Hope the transmission is good and not something else. Make sure fluid is checked while the engine is running and full. Bed time now. Be back tomorrow
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