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Q: Car lose power or dies when hitting my brakes? ABS light stay on+Check engine lig on 1993 Chevrolet Caprice

Have have a 93 Chevrolet Caprice and I've been having problems with it losing power when I hit the brakes. The ABS light stays on and check engine light comes on every now and then. The pump, fuel filter, fuel filters, and spark plugs have been changed. Could bad brakes make me lose power? I desperately need help please. Thanks
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I have the same problem. It is not the brakes, but the engine is just about stalling and you are losing the power assist, if you push harder on the brakes, the car will still stop. I am getting an error 22 on the computer which says the TPS. Replaced TPS but still have the problem. I would like to solve this one as well.
change the fuel filter mine did the same thing usually with the tps it will blow black smoke at full throttle for a sec sometime with the filter as well. i would look into your power brake boster it sounds like ur lossing vacum when you hit the brakes but it would be easier to diagnose in person. check for vacum leaks, distributor as well
hmm interesting i have a 92 caprice that runs like a mother fakker,but recently started stalling when coming to a stop n check engine light comes on..but car would start right up n drive away,,we did a full tune up,plugs,wires,distributer,set the timing,the car is runnng great every since/get a diognostic done,get the code before u spend lots of money.u could guess all day,and it might be the hoses,vacuum..
I have the same problem. Coming off a mild acceleration, engine will start to bog, even before I hit the brakes, replaced wires, plugs, tps. Will also surge then slow at steady 30mph driving, but not under load or acceleration. The idle will mildly hunt in park, thing is, when I create a vacuum leak in park it runs better. I did have code 22 and replaced the TPS, also the had the "running rich" code a few times. I think it is a running rich issue,but cant figure it out.
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