Q: Car keeps stopping oil around spark plugs??? on 2003 Cadillac CTS

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Ok so about 1 month ago I was driving on the freeway and as I broke to exit my car just cut off on me I could not restart it. I called a tow truck and had it towed back to my home. After the driver let the car down he started it right away. I drove it to a repair shop and had the fuel filter replaced. Anout a week ago my car stopped on me at a stop sign. It was pushed to the side of the road and about 5 minutes later it started again. I have been driving it fine until today I slowed down to take a right turn and it turned off again, this time it took forever to restart luckily I was almost home so I drove for about a minute and it turned off as I entered my subdivision. I was able to coast all of the way home. I tried to start it again but it will not start. i forgot to mention that the car would sputter as I accelerated before it turmed off each time. We were about to check the spark plugs and ignition coil but when we opened it there is oil all around the spark plugs. Any idea what this may be. I have a 2003 Cadillac CTS.
(2) Answers
Crank shaft sensor........It happened to me also. As soon as I would break the car cut off. If you waited 20 minutes to the second it would start back up and drive for about another 10 minutes.