Q: car keeps misfireing and engine runing bad on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

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car had oil in spark hole got that fix and had a tune up but car is still misfireing what can ths be
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Oil in the spark plug tube can allow the spark that should jump the spark plug in the engine to find an easier path to ground by shorting out and conducting the spark through the oil to ground. The oil that had been in the spark plug tube may have been conducting spark to ground and have damaged the spark plug wire or as in the case of two cars I have worked on in the last two weeks the insulator of the spark plug had "carbon tracking" allowing the spark to short to ground, replacing the spark plug may fix the problem, after that the most likely causes are a bad spark plug wire, or bad fuel injector, but some basic diagnostic tests are needed to figure out the problem. If the Check Engine light is on a scan tool may be used to identify the problem.
ignition coil which is located on top of the engine. The spark plugs are plugged into it. there are 4 mounting screws, 10 mm wrench. on the drivers osde of the coil is a plag near the base, disconnect first then undo the screws one by one. Pull the old coil up and out, then replace with new one. Be sure not to over tighten the screws. Remember the plug in the wire at the base. Also very important. Most ignitoon wires are harnessed in the clips. remember whick one goes in the right coil ports. Disconnect the negetive cable on the drivers side strut mount first, once the new coil is mounted andd the igniton wires and power wire to the coil is connected, reconnectt he negetive battery cable. Check engine light shoul come off, if not it may need to be reset by a OBD2 scanner
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