Q: Car jerks between check it says an emission solenoid causing this? Is this true? on 2006 Pontiac G6

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The car jerks everything I'm on the road for a good while evetually when the car cools off it stops but when it heats back up it jerks when shifting up and down, and also changing gear from park to drive etc. What is this problem and how much the repair cost.
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Yes the check engine light is on and won't go off. When I drive and the car gets hot or like when the heat is on heating th engine or the whole car when it changes gears I jerks. I can put the car in reverse park whatever it jerks. I forgotthe code but the lady who woks at Pep boys ran the caode and said it was an emission selenoid never said which one.I need to know what it its how much the repairs bcuz its irritating and I hate looking at check engine lights on my car especially not knowing wht it is
without codes hard to know, but i had the same problem, changed the variable timing solenoid, they run about $40-50 and is easy to change, has two intake and exhaust, i changed both, fixed the problem
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