Q: Car is stalling while driving, or at rest. on 1997 Chevrolet Camaro

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There is no power steering at this time. There are no codes present, but RPM's goes up and down before the stall. The fuel pump was replaced....any other suggestions for fix.
How about a mechanic that is capable of working on the year and make of my car in the Staten Island, NY area???
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3.8 or 5.7? There is a difference in the two! Stall hot/cold both? Stopped, running down the road?? Start right back up? ???"no power steerinng at this time"????
The car is a 3.8 RS. The car stalls when hot. Completely stalls while driving leaving the car with no power- including power steering ability. It must be pushed to the side of the road. To start it again it takes numerous times before it turns over. Stalling happens many times a day....this is a serious problem since I have found myself alone on a hill, at night and the like.
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Dirty throttle plates, idle air control, vacuum leak at throttle body. Without checking it is just a guess trying to picture your complaint. I'm assuming it stalls when slowing or turning while driving.
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