Q: Car is overheating while idle at a stop light, put anti-freeze in it . on 2008 Dodge Avenger

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What would be the problem if it is still running Hot after anti-freeze has been added.
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Does it overheat when on highways(or consistently driving over speeds of 35MPH)? If not , check radiator cooling fan for proper operation. See if electric fan comes on with A/C operation.
Possibly the engine is not properly filled with antifreeze...suggest that you bleed it some more...
Ok. This is my son car and he doesn't check his fluids properly, so he has been driving the car without any anti-freeze in the resevouir on the side of the inside of the hood. So just Thanksgiving we checked the hood for him and nothing was in the reservour where you put the anti-freeze solution in, he had put it in the front part of the radiator so I am thinking he has damaged something by now. Do you think so?
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