Q: Car is not starting at all. on 2005 Toyota Corolla

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I went to start the car one morning and it started to start then it souned like the power to the car just shut down
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Have the battery load tested at any Napa Sears PepBoys Walmart etc If this is the original battery then its about 6 years old and probably needs replacement.
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Check that the battery connections are clean tight and secure. See if the car will jump start off another car using jumper cables. Do the lights, radio, heater ect..... work and seem OK. The starter solenoid contact fail on the Corolla starter, al the lights and electrical loads work but starter just goes "click" like a bad battery.
hey Pat my battery died, i charged the battery and it wouldn't start then i tried to jump start it with a jump starter kit then cables and still wouldn't star,t at first it sounded like it was trying to turn over but now it just keeps clicking, just want to check the spark plugs and see if that's the problem? only problem is i don't know howto take the wires off that go into the distributor cap thingy...alittle help please???
You probably should buy a new battery as it sounds like one cell has shorted and trying to start it on 10 volts ( 2.2 volts per cell times 6 cells ) = a 12 volt battery and the only way to know for sure is to have the battery load tested at a autoparts store