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Q: Car hesitates and sometimes stalls after reach operating temperature. on 1993 Oldsmobile 98

After the car has reached operating temperature, the care will hesitate and sometimes stall when accelerate hard, stomp on the pedal. It doesn't do it if accelerate slowly, less then halfish throttle. It also will try to stall when braking heavily. These problems do not generally occur until after the engine is above about 180 degrees. It is the 3.8l non-turbo engine. I have replaced fuel pump, TPS, computer, mass air flow sensor, all vacuum leaks, spark plugs, and checked the wires. The only other thing I can think of to check is the actual fuel pressure, no gauge of my own, and the fuel injectors. I also have pinned out the diagnostic port to check codes and only ones I got were fixed with TPS and computer switch replacement. It also gets worse the lower the gas is. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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Sorry. I forgot to mention that replaced the fuel filter, air filter, oil change and filter, and pcv valve with no change. This problem has been going on for about 4 or 5 months now and was still driving it, just made sure was going to be sitting someplace for awhile after got there so the engine could cool off before heading back home so has been thru lots of gas. I also have added fuel injector stuff to tank along with octane booster, different tanks of gas, to try to make sure wasn't water in the fuel.
Hit gas...hesitates ....hit brakes...stalls...damn sure sounds like water 'sloshing' in tank and pump picking it up to me!!.... Throw an ignition module and crank sensor on it too.... You've replaced everything else!!.... IF problem still persist... Have the computer SCANNED!!!
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