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Q: car have a promblem with starting due to starter. on 2006 Suzuki Aerio

The Suzuki shop had stood with my car numbers of times, they have change and replace three new starters and after two months the promblem has return now they put a relay on the starter. I have ask them why and the only thing they say is to control the voltage to the starter??. Still the car is doing the same it won't start at first I turn the key tree to nine time then it mite start. what can I do?
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If you haven't checked that the ignition switch is working properly and giving the signal to the starter, do so. I understand why they put a relay on the car, not a bad idea. I'm wondering how good these starters are? Are they local rebuilt units, new from Suzuki or what?
I have an idea: Put a separate starter switch hooked to the relay or starter directly and disconnect the START wire from the ignition switch and relay or starter. Get rid of it. Use a new, separate pushbutton switch like the old days. Can't miss there. If you still have problems, then you need to get better starters that work.
Good Luck with your car.
Thank you Superbob , that is a good idea I will try that on my own I will not sent it to the shop due to there missturst to my car and yes all three starters are new as they told me but they never shown me none of them (starters) . All the work that has done by this Suzuki shop no other shop has worked on it and in those time they never shown me any new parts nor my old parts that has been taken off my car but I can tell you one thing that I have seen when I sent my trasmission to be fixed due to slip gears that did not change waile driveing the car on 1st and 2 gear , they have remove the tranny twice from my car plus I had to waite for almost 3 mounths due that they had no parts for it in this shop were they only fix all suzuki type of cars and to top things off they lossen my A/C fan with screws missing and a crack bummper flair as well, I have ask them why do they need to remove the fan when the tranny is located under the car not in front top they replace the screws and the A/C fan has not actaived when I turn on the A/C, they told me that the fan turn on only when the engein reaches on higher degree, I don't understand that becuse the car has two fans one for the motor and the other for A/C?? I have a question how can I know or try to active manualy the A/C fan directy to see if it working becuse I already checked the fuse box? . Thank you and God bless you.
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