Q: Car has lost ability to accelerate,5 speed manual. Can it be the clutch slipping on 1994 Ford Escort

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Doesnt matter if it is warm or cold. Really hard to even get to 35mph.
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Do you smell a "rotten egg/sulpher type odor" if so it would be a bad cat. converter, do you smell a smell similar to brakes dragging if so it would be a clutch lining on the disc burned out. Should be easy for any one knowledgeable with cars to give an opinion.
im not real knowledgeable with cars. so took it to a shop and had a free diagnoses done and found out that it was the clutch slipping.
could be, does the engine rev high even though it' low speed? If so yes the clutch is finished, if not then the next likely thing could very well be catylitic converter is plugged, a typical symptom of a plugged cat. is an inability to accelerate relly bad gas milage and stillruns good at low speed but not under load, hope this helps