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Q: Car has high idle and shifts hard what causes? on 2000 Buick LeSabre

Changed iac, tps, and maf and now has code p0122 saying low voltage to tps what eles can it be?
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Could be due to several differant causes: Potentian causes are Component — Bad component on 5 volt line.
Defective Powertrain Control Module (PCM)or, Grounded Wiring
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ok lets try this if your done guessing on your own. do a smoke test and LOOK for a vac leak which would cause high idle and low voltage. you are soooooooooooooooooooooo welcome
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We both have atempted to help....both of us do this for a living....its limited as to what we can suggest because the possibilities of the cause and the the test are somewhat involved...too involed to discribe. In other words the average person probaly would not be able to diagnose on their own. I reccomend that you seek a good technicion you know and trust to diagnose for you.
Right but i took car to the place i had swap my motor and they couldn't tell me that one of the two sensors we bad i found that on my own and i am not a mechanic and after paying 1500 dollars to one mechanic and him dont fixing my car funds are limited sorry if i come off pissy but thats a shit ton of money to pay for crap work. So i
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I can see why you are frustrated....With this added info that even adds another possibilty of somethoing being installed incorrectly or parts do not match up due to engine swap. If the folks that installed engine also supplied the replacement may be their responsibilty to find and fix this problem. Taking guesses and swapping parts rarely ever fix the problem. You may need to find a better shop to deal with.
That's one thing i have been looking around for. I have gone back and fourth with the shop like eight to ten times and it seems like they didnt want to fix the problem to get more money out of me.

THANK YOU for your time.
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