Q: Car Fuse on 1998 Lincoln Continental

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When I get out of the car my inside lights remain on,this causes my battery to run down and sometimes I can't crank the car. Can someone please tell me where the inside lights fuse is. I want to remove it until I can get this problem diagnoses.
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I had the same problem, there is a fuse under the dash that controls interior lights, look in the owners manual and it will tell you wich one to choose. And you cannot replace the door switch for $13, you do need to change the entire lock assembly just as someone else mentioned.
I have the same problem, but I can't find which is the fuse in the book. Nothing says "interior lights" what number is it?
I think you need a door jamb switch ( AC Delco part # F6024 ) or ( Standard motor products # DS278 ) around $13 each, If this switch is bad the interior lights will stay on.
Your owner's manual will usually have locations of your fuse panels but I believe your interior fuses are located on the left side of the lower instrument/dash panel.
My wife's '98 continental had this problem to the extreme. The lights came on while driving even! I lubed the outside doorhandle mechanism with WD- 40. The problem went away. (1 year ago) andhasn't come back.
i had the same problem the reason the lights stay on inside of the car is because the door senor is messed up you would need to replace it its not like all the other doors that have the little button when you close the door, this sensor is apart of the latch when you close the door its the whole latch assembly i had to buy for it
The fuse number is 31, it will turn off all interior lights from coming on. I had to do the same thing for mine.
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