Q: Car feels like it has little power and doesn't brake right after star up on 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

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Every time I start my car and begin driving at first it feels like it has little power, it doesn't happen all the time. Once the ABS, Trac Off and low tire pressure light comes on car seems to drive fine. The other problem that I have is after starting the car the brakes feel like I am braking in ice and the ABS kicks in, until the warning lights come on. I was thinking maybe it could be a speed or abs sensor. This past winter I blew a brake line and had the rear trailing arm replaced. I took it to the Midas just down the road from me. I know it probably wasn't the best place to take it. But I didn't want to drive far or have the car towed. It didn't do this before I had the repairs. I have 1997 Grand Prix. With 160k miles
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