Q: car fail expection. Can you give me an extmation cost parts and labor will be. on 2004 Cadillac Seville SLS

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P0171 Misfire/ 2nd Air Sys
P0174 Fuel Sys/ AC Sys
Po300 Compoenet/ 02 Sensor
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po171 and 174 are lean codes bank 1 & 2 and po300 is random misfire code. where did you get your description on codes because they are wrong. you could have a lerge vac leak or several other issues seek diag and est from your mech
Are you telling me that you are not able to give me a est. on parts, labor and cost?
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i don't know whats wrong unless i insp veh. im saying it needs to be looked at to give proper diag and est
Global helper is saying that NO ONE can give you a proper estimate on price and repair because EVEN
YOU don't know what your codes mean on your car! It is impossible to tell you what is wrong with your car just based on codes you interpet an inspection report! He is right, GO to a shop and spend the money to get a proper diagnosis and estimate for repair!
(if you believe anyone stupid enough to give you a diagnosis and estimate by your "say so" in this situation...then by all means, GO FOR IT! and good'll need it!)
Yes Sir, I will have it checkout in this coming week and get back with you than. Thanks for all of your help. This set up in very informative. Thanks again
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