Q: Car engine works car won't go every time on 2002 Acura CL

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My car has over 100,000 miles.
We have recently bought a new battery
Something done to the spark plugs
Seems worse when it has been sitting outside in the sun all day.
It doesn't happen all the time. It has never happened when my husband has tried to start it!
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It is probably your EFI main relay which is a common problem on Honda/Acura vehicles. The sympton is usually the customer will come out and try to start their car on a hot day after it has been sitting and the car will just crank over and crank over but it will not start the engine. Sound familiar? it costs about $60 for the relay and takes 1/2 hour to replace. Good Luck!

i have this problem in the sun on my cl, but it started doing it in the shade of my garage now. same problem???. is the efi main relay the same as pgm relay?
yes he is correct, if leaving car out all day i use window shade and before i start it i open all my windows and sunroof and let it cool for a second. i also cover the sensor in the center of the dashboard.