Q: Car engine stoles on 1991 Mercury Capri

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My 1991 stoles on the road driving it,and wont restart,it happened twice.after bean towed to a garage and off the tow truck it started,it ran good for one day and did the same thing.Noboty can fiend the problem ?The car is home now and afraid to drive it.
Thanks Fred.
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Difficult problems that have no consistency could be a faulty control module. Check the pin connectors to the modules for continuity
I had a similar problem with my non-turbo Capri. It was a faulty ignitor module inside the distributor. It wasn't cheap $175 after shopping online) but it fixed my problem.
I had the same problem with mine. Seems it was the fuel pump, but after my mechanic put it in, it would stall out after left turns.... The problem, (thanks to was a poorley mounted fuel pump. It can be trickey getting it in right, but trust me, if that is your problem, then, this is good news. Good Luck