Car doors filling up with water when it rains on 2006 Ford Five Hundred

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Every time it rains, my car doors fill up with water, called Ford Manufacturer and was told just take it to a dealership and they can drill holes in the doors for only two hours of labor. I feel it is manufacturer defect.
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Sorry for for trouble on your car, looks like to me that inside the door there should be a drain hole already there for water to escape, this area could be plugged causing this to happen, any shop can possibly find this area and blow it from outside in (temp. fix) or take the door panel off and clear what is plugging hole ( the real fix) i hope this will help you with your problem... mko auto service inc. can perform this service anytime for a flat fee of $89.00 to pull off door panel and clear area. we are located in san jose
I am havng the dsame issue with my doors filling up with water. something as simple as a car wash makes the doors retain water. I have lifted a portion of the silicon to release the water. thanks for the FYI. I will have to look into that.
Good call by mkoauto - this is a common issue with the 500.