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Q: Car door, window, locks, electrical noise. Power Door Lock Actuator Replacement on 1997 Honda Accord

In the winter time my windows have trouble closing back up. It got stuck once and wouldn't come back up. My father decided to fix this himself, after he fixed the window problem my door now makes a weird noise (groaning noise) everytime I lock my car. I assume my father didn't do a great job and left something un-screwed when he took apart my door to fix my window. What is the best solution to this problem? If I happen to take it to a shop, how much is the estimated price?

I am assuming this is a "Power Door Lock Actuator Replacement" problem?

*a groaning noise from the door as the lock is operating.
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Yeah, sounds like an actuator replacement. However, since someone was inside the door panel, it's always best to verify nothing was disturbed...and can be corrected simply.
Not entirely sure about that, although if it's just slow operation, the best thing to do is lubricate the glass runs on the window - the rubber strips that seal out the weather get very dry, and the windows tend to get very sluggish. This actually creates excessive draw on the window motors and can cause premature failure over time.
I went to a shop and they say it's a power motor problem, and I will have to replace the motor. They charged me $60 for labor plus the moter price. I did some homework online and found that the motor part is way cheap on this site I went to

Estimating the labor cost with the price I just found on the part... seems that the $207 I was asked to pay is a little steep. Agree? Disagree?

This is NoLeftTurn replaying without logging in... :)
I don't think $207 is that bad at all. Truthfully. It's actually a very good price, especially here in Northern California, where labor is really expensive (as is everything else...). Did you get a warranty with your repairs?
Yes I did, I got a 3,000 miles/3 months warranty for it. If you're saying $207 isn't bad then I'm relieved... I was a little skeptic about it at first. The door lock actuator was about $135 plus the $60 labor. Thanks for all the tips/advice and help. Got my car back today and I'm just glad that the noise is gone.
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