Q: Car doesn't start at the first time I turn the key on 2006 Nissan Sentra

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Nissan Sentra 2006 bought with 28,300 miles
about 3 months ago. About a month ago it started to have problems when I started. It takes up to 3 times turning the
Key before it starts. Also my car has a burnt
Plasdtic smell. When I took it to the mechanic for the
Buyer's check. They told me it was probably
A plastic bag. It has that smell still,
Especially if I've driven in the highway,which I usually do every day.
. The start problem seems to be sometimes better when the weather is col, or if I have to start it soon after I have stopped for a moment.
I dive about 30 mi daily.

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I would have the plastic bag cleaned off the exhaust, which often takes a sanding wheel, or it may smell for weeks or longer.
As for the starting, check all the basics, tune up parts, filters and check for any codes in your engine computer memory and do a resting fuel pressure inspection to see if the pressure holding check valve in the fuel pump is wearing out.
These are some of the first inspections I would do in the shop where I work as a Diagnostic Tech.
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I second cleaning off the plastic bag. As for the starting issue, Nissan has a service bulletin on this vehicle and offers a kit to help retain fuel pressure at the front of the vehicle while the key is on. It is very common.