Q: Car doesn't always start properly. on 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

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Cold or warm start this happens randomly. Turn the key over and it will either start partially then die immediately, sometimes it won't start at all unless I has the hell out of it.And then there's times it sounds like the starter/ignition sticks. Again it very random and most days its fine.
I have had similar problems with an 05 Malibu with no hatch. And it turned out to be a fuel pump. Please please please tell me that's not the case this time...
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Alright pushrod... smart ass... lol thanks I see you're a master with your 3 wrenches do you have any advice for me? I am some what mechanically inclined. O n I was just play in with the smart ass
I dont mind at all. I was just kidding too! Let me think on it a bit, i'll be back.
Okie dokie I'll be waiting. I have a cpl days before I'm with my car anyway. And I'm nervous about our reunion cuz my poor "Boo" Malibu has been sitting for 2 months with out being started. Scary......
OK a shade tree mechanic with no special tools... sides the last time my cell came on it was because it wasn't running hot enough.. I think that's the same reason its on now. Whatever the code was.. lol
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