Q: Car doesn't always crank back up after turning it off unless u wait a little-why on 1998 Ford Mustang

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Runs good, no check engine lights. I can drive any distance, but sometimes when I cut it off, it wont catch and run for a while. Starter engages, car just won't catch. I have changed plugs and checked battery and cables. everything looks fine. Could it be a fuel pump? Problem is random. Did it one time in May and then didn't do it again until recently, but has become a daily occurrence.
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It might be; When it does this, stop cranking the engine and cycle your key from off to run a couple of times, pausing at the run position for a few seconds, and listen for the (hum) of the fuel pump. Try to start the engine after cycling the key. If it starts at that point your fuel pressure is bleeding off and the pump and filter needs replacing. It could also be an ignition problem, have it tested if not sure.
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