Q: Car dies randomly on 2000 Toyota Camry

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Having an issue with my 2000 camry. Car started dying after a short period of driving. Engine, eletrical, everything just dies. May or may not be important but part of the key is broke off in the ignition. I can use the rest of the key to turn the car off and on. The car will stay running if left sitting idle but if I try to drive it, it will die, usually within less than a half mile.
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I don't understand why this should be. I could see that if part of the key were left in the lock, it could run the battery down but that's not the problem you describe. Does the car restart OK once it dies, or do you have to let it sit for a while? That the entire electrical system shuts down in half a mile, but it started OK right before, but it will idle continuously, is a mystery to me.
I'd say, if this is the whole story and there's nothing else to tell me, you need to get this car to a Toyota specialist or an auto electric specialist for an answer.
Here's a directory link for you, hope you can find a shop less than half a mile away! (Or get a tow...)
Once the car dies, I have to jump it again to get it started. I only mentioned the key, as I didn't know if it was relavent. I agree, even if the battery was being run down, which it could be, it shouldn't die while driving.
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