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Q: car dies at idle on 1995 Toyota Camry

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I live in Oregon and own a 1995 Camry 2.2L w/automatic transmision,after 30 or 40 minutes of driving the motor idles down and stops when I slow down and come to a stop.It starts up right away but this Jan,it was just yesterday the motor did the same thing again during a cold morning start.I have no engine warning lights nor am I short any fluids.I take good care of my camry and I dont even know where to start.
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That sounds like a good start. We may need some more information about the vehicle and the operating conditions to really narrow down your issue. How many miles on the vehicle? Has the vehicle been very well maintained, well maintained, kind of just fix things as they break? Does this problem happen only when it's really cold outside? You say that it will only happen after about 30 to 40 minutes of driving, are you saying the problem WILL NOT happen if the engine is cold, or it may still do it but it happens more frequently when warmed up. Is the 30 to 40 minutes on the freeway or around town?
I like the suggestion of cleaning the throttle body, it can probably use it anyway, and yes, the idle speed control motor may be on it's way out the window. A quick way to test if the idle speed control motor would be to allow the engine to reach operating temperature, then, turn on the A/C. If when the A/C compressor engages and the RPM's seem to drop, and stay lower, the ISC valve may be an issue. This test is not conclusive by any means, but may help.
If this symptom only arises periodically, and only under very specific conditions, it may be very difficult to diagnose through text, without actually taking a hands on diagnostic approach. If you do get to the point where you are going to take it to a repair facility for diagnosis, the BEST thing you can do is give as much information about the problem as possible. When it comes to intermittents, there's no such thing as TOO MUCH info.
Good luck, let us know what you find.
Sounds like the vehicle is not charging at idle. Likely cause is the alternator. Could probably get away with just replacing the "brushes" in the alternator since those are what are known to fail on Toyota's
All the above diagnosis are wrong, and very back yard mechanic. Your problem is the coil inside the distributor has gone bad. I recomend replacing the whole distributor, everything electronic that makes the engine run is inside the dist. The heat finally breaks down the coil, and you can actually SEE the breakdown on the end of it. Sometimes the pickup coils start to come apart also. The O ring also gets hard and starts to leak oil. The waterproof filling on the end of the coil cracks and it expands out. Plainly visible under the rotor and the special cover. Replace the dist and you'll run just great. EZ to do.
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