Q: Car died while driving down the road. It only clicks once when trying to start. on 2004 Hyundai Tiburon

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While driving down the road, my daughter's car died. She was traveling around 55 mph. When I got there she had full power, but when you try and start it, it only clicks like once and thats it.
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Sounds like a dead battery that was not being charged by a failed alternator. The fuel injection system needs the alternator to work or it will drain the battery very fast. Have a qualified shop check this out.
If the battery was dead, wouldn't the lights and all accessories be unable to work? She had full power (radio, lights, a/c).
I put the battery on a charger overnight. It acted like it wanted to turn over a little more, but still didn't kick over. I took the battery up and had it tested. He told me it was a 700 amp but was putting out 723. So the battery is good. What should I check next?
i have a 2003 2.0l and it just started dooing the same thing and i think it is the alternator but wanna see if anyone else has had this issue and figured it out before i spend 250 on a rebuilt alt.
so if anyone can help i would appreciate it.

so far i have changed batteries and after it runs for abit it wont restart till i boost it but still has lots of power to run stereo and lights and blower motor etc but when i goto start it all i get is abunch of clicking