Q: Car dead on 1999 Toyota 4Runner

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My car is completely dead. It will not even make noise when I move the ingnition key. Battery was test, it is still ok.
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You said the battery was tested and you were told it was OK. Really you need a volt meter or at least a test light to start checking for voltage at the battery and main fuseable links at the battery positive terminal or located in the engine compartment fuse box. If the lights dont even come on on the dashboard battery voltage is not getting to the main fuses or starter. Ensure the battery connections are clean tight and secure. Try jump starting the 4Runner from another car and see if the lights now come on on the dashboard when you have your car attached to another car.
Under what circumstances did the battery just go dead or was it a case that you were driving down the road and the 4Runner cut out and stalled or perhaps the truck just would not start one morning?
always check your main fuses under hood, dependent on the make and model always check the highest amp fuse (80 to 100 amps) which controls the functions of whether or not your relays are kicking in and your dash lights and ignition is working properly.