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Q: Car cutting off while driving on 1993 Saturn SL2

Hi. My car has been cutting off while driving since last week. It started last Thursday when my mom was driving it and it cut off on her while she was driving down the road. She coasted off the side of the road and tried to start it again and was able to get home (about 10 min away from where it died). The next day I drove to work and it cut off on me right as I was pulling in my parking space. (About 15 min drive). It started up later that day and I almost made it home when it cut off again. I then parked it and had some mechanics come look at it over the weekend and they found one of my coil packs were bad and they replaced it. I drove it on Sunday for awhile and it never cut off. Drove it to work (Mon) mom drove it to work and it never cut off on us yesterday. She dropped me off at work this morning and then when she was driving to work it cut off on her (about 20 min or so into driving it). She got it started back up and tried to cut off on her 2 more times but she was able to make it to work. What could this be? Is it the fuel pump? Also I've been told I can't put it on a scanner b/c it's too old. So that's not an option.
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yes you can put it on a scanner, it is OBD1 system. anyway, it does sound fuel related but you need a shop to verify fuel pressure for you.

There is a way to check OBD1 also if you dont have a OBD1 scanner but if you have a burned out engine light, it probably wont do you any good because it's supposed to flash to tell you the codes. There can be many issues to this though. Clogged fuel filter, pump going bad, ignition module going bad, crankshaft sensor going bad, coil going bad, loose or corruded ground strap, etc. The list goes on. Good luck!

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