Q: Car cuts off while driving on 2003 Cadillac CTS

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I was driving and my 2003 cadillac cts cuts off completely. 15 minutes later, it cranked back up. then i tried to step on the gas and i got no response. it went straight to the floor. and when it cranks back up, it will shut back off 5 minutes later. whats wrong?
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Have the crank shaft position sensor replaced, with your situation you may also or instead need to replace the camshaft position sensor. When those are malfunctioning you will not have spark or fuel delivered to your cylinders and therefore it won't start or run
Well i have the same problem with my cts ,but when i try to drive my car with 2n and 3rd and 4Th it works and keeps running but when i use the D cutts off ,???????

My car is doing the samething . I got the fuel pump and fuel filter replaced. It starts and in about 7 min it cuts off and won't start . sometime it will start back up but most times it won't till about 30 min later . Now if I cut it off myself it will keep starting up. Will the crank shaft sensor going out ,cut the car off ?