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Q: car cranks wont start idles and dies on 2000 Ford Explorer

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car just cranks wont start takes about three times to start sometimes starts and idles and dies immediately
Sounds like an air intake issue. Not sure which engine you have - if it's the 4.0L SOHC, the intake manifold o-ring gaskets often leak and could cause this issue possibly. Other than that, verify vacuum hoses are all intact and the air tube is not leaking. You could have an idle air control valve sticking also.
Had a similar problem with my 2000 Explorer (4.0L SOHC V6 - 150K miles). Car might start and run fine or start and die and require a LOT of cranking to start again. After reading many suggested problems/solutions saw one about checking that the fuel pump was kicking in. So, I tried one suggested test. Had to be in a quiet setting. When I turned the key, I listened for the fuel pump sound from on top of the fuel tank in the rear as the pump pressurized the fuel line. If I didn't hear it, I would turn the key off and back on. Turned out it was not the amount of time I spent cranking the engine, but, the number of times I turned the key. Once the fuel pump kicked in, the car would start immediately. With that info in hand I replaced the fuel pump (fun 2/3 of a day) and have not had that problem since.
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