Q: Car cranks but no spark at spark plugs on 1994 Jaguar XJS

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1994 Jaguar XJS turns over but no spark. Saw some smoke at ignition coil and replaced it. black wire that leads from coil toward the front of engine was cut and repaired it
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what side of the coil does the positive wire attach to neg side or pos side thanke realy need help asap please

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Your car could have a six or twelve cylinder engine in it that year, as Andy said if you actually saw smoke check for other wiring damage and check all the fuses. I just re wired a similar Jaguar where a mouse had eaten a lot of the wiring in the trunk and under the dash.
The crank angle sensors fail on these cars as well.
Thanks autotechpat & Andy Y
The wire that was damaged was a small black wire that is fastened under what i think is a condenser. The wire that leads to what i think is a condenser is connected to the positive terminal on the coil. Do you know what that small black wire is and where it might lead to down in front of the engine behind the radiator? Also if there is a secondary coil do you know where it is? What & where is a crank angle sensor? I saw a small fuse box under the hood on the driver's side (left side} about 8 fuses. Do you know where the other fuse boxes are located?
Thanks for all of your help and time!
I meant to tell you it is a six cylinder 4.0
The wire was a smaller black wire.
Also how do i check the voltage on the positive side? Can i use a test light? how?
I am not sure if it was for a short to ground-sounds crazy but how can i tell?
Again, thanks for your help
If you saw smoke, I would also check your fuses. Are you seeing any voltage on the positive side of the coil? Was the repair for a short to ground (short circuit)? Are you talking about the high voltage wire from the coil or a normal sized smaller wire?