Q: car bucks and pops thru the carb on 2002 Subaru Outback

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when climbing a hill the car bucks and pops thru the carb, from a start it hesitates, also smells like gas
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I'd say, check out the ignition system. The popping back through the throttle body (no carb - fuel injected) makes me suspect ignition. Check the wires for proper resistance, should be about 5k ohms/foot. check the coil for about 13 ohms from coil tower to the opposing tower. If it's very low, it may be a shorted coil. Look for arcing, too. Find out where the fuel smell is coming from, if it's the exhaust, it's because of a bad miss. If it's leaking somewhere, you need t fix that ASAP.
Thank You. Shortly after receiving your thoughts I pulled the plugs, they were cooked. I changed the coil, wires and plugs,, it's been running like a top. The gas leak was a loose clamp, which I found in the process.