Q: Car been in shop 3 mo help! on 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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In February 2014 I my fiance bought me a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse (my previous car caught fire still unsure why) I brought it home drove it less than a month it was still getting colder in the evening went out started it let it run and there was a loud roaring from passenger side under hood, it stopped by the time I made it inside so I thought nothing of it came back out and heat and radio and everything was on but engine wasn't running. Will crank but not even start and it's June 17 2014 and it's been in the shop this whole time mechanics all over it we thought it was fuel pump but they tested it nothing wrong.checked timing belt it was in rough shape he changed it put back in time still won't start..put new crank shift censor oil change (because there was gas in oil from cranking) new distributor they have literally been up and down and have had another shop mechanic her in town look at it and they are all puzzled.i take care of my vehicles I just don't spark plugs old ones were wet he said.he says it's getting fire . everything is in check just won't start I need help! They have decided that it is the computer can you test for that even if it's not starting? And how hard is it on this specific car? He was supposed to pull the old one off and get me the serial number so I can get a computer and he said you have to take off the whole dash I don't know what else to do.if and when it gets fixed should I sell??
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