Q: Car automatically brakes around sharp corners and slip light comes on on 2003 Infiniti G35

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Brought and had brakes/pads/rotars replaced. 2 new rear sensors replaced, but brakes still apply themselves when I go around turns (even at a low speed 30mph). Was told I needed new ABS at the tune of $1900, and already spent $1400. Is there anyway to shut the ADC off for good.
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Check your tires. On my car I need to keep the 4 tires from the same manufacturer/brand at all times. Once I had to replace rear tires and couldn't use the OEM tires (where not available) I inmediately started to experience the braking in turns. I replaced the "new" tires with OEM tires and problem was solved. Just be sure the 4 tires are the same (even if staggered, they must be from same manufacturer).
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