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Q: Cant pass DEQ due to OBD Sensor Status: Catalyst, Evap, 02 Sensor on 2006 BMW 325i

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We took the car to a mechanic and he reset the codes so that the check engine light would go off. When we tried to take it through DEQ again they declined it due to the OBD Sensor Status for:
Catalyst: UnReady
Evap: UnReady
02 Sensor: UnReady
The DEQ representative said that it was an easy fix and just to go to google to find out how to fix it. Easier said then done. I can't find anything on how to make them go away. PLEASE HELP???
resetting the light was the big mistake. the problem is still there and will come back.
the mechanic did you no favors by doing what he did. the monitors are cleared and need to be re set. the problem is the light will come back on and you will be back to step one again.
this time, go to a real tech that will properly diag the issue, fix it and do the drive cycle and you can move on with your life.

I know he didn't do me any favors, however at this point I just want to pass DEQ so that I can fix it later. It's just that my tags are over a month past due.
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You need to have the three faults diagnosed. Until those three issues are attended to, the vehicle will not go through readiness. Chances are that you need an 02 Sensor which is not a big deal. But the evap system needs diagnosis also.
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