Q: cant get the rear brake drum off my 1995 honda accord.used the 12mm bolts? on 1995 Honda Accord

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when useing the 12mm bolts it look like the hole in side was comeing out with the brake drum. i but back on
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if there is a lip on there. what can i do 2 get the drum off? I used 2 12m bolts and when the drum was comeing off the whole in side was comeing off with the drum.
Are you trying to replace the brake shoes? Sometimes there is a oval hole in the rear of the backing plate so you can put a star wheel tool through it and back off the star wheel to remove the drum. If you are replacing the shoes just keep pulling the drumm off since you are replacing the shoes anyway. I would recommend replacing the hardware as well since you will have to use a lot of force to remove drums.