Q: cant figure out why my car will crank but not start on 1995 Ford Escort

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my car was and had been running what to me was normal and then all of a sudden smelled like it was getting hot, but did not over heat, it didnt even get to the halfway mark, i turned the car off and have not been able to get it to start since. I replaced the timing belt back around christmas, it ran with no problems after that until now, the timing belt was still in place but i changed it to make sure it hadnt slipped, because it sounds like it jumpped time, it has spark to the plugs,and the coil pack, and is getting fuel, what could it
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Have the compression tested.....that's the next step since you have fire and fuel....with no start!!
Ok and how do i go about doing that? I have been literally fighting.g with someone over my car, they say a blown /warped head i honestly don't believe it is, the car did not get hot, i have not seen any water in the oil, what else would there be if it was the head?
Youtube! See how to test compression....without results of this test...cant help any further!