Q: canged timing chain and tensioner all timing marks are on. but now wont start on 2001 Dodge Intrepid

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has spark but turns over like no compression or not turning fast enuf
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Did the engine quit running with the old chain? #1 cyl at tdc on exhaust stroke?? Did you line up all plated (sinny) links with all gear marks? That is all you have to do!! Do you have a repair manual that shows the procedure for this and loading the tensioner?
we looked at many diagrams but none actually show where tdc or on which stroke it shud be on. this chain is so complicated i cant believe some one hasnt come up with a play by play video on the rite way to put this 2.7 motor back together.
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If your marks are correct and you have no compression, you have either valve issues or bad luck.
bad luck is a given. we started wth #1 cyl at tdc on exhaust stroke and crank marks on the money but engine acts like its 180 off.
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