Q: Can you tell without a machine if coil module is bad? on 1993 Chevrolet Lumina

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I have a 93 chevy lumina the check engine light came on someone told I needed a tune up. Well before I could do it the car started then died out now it won't start. It will crank but not fire I recharged the battery got the spark plugs n wires oil change. Nothin now I was told that the engine module could b bad. I cant go to the shop one it doesn't drive n for two they said they only check when the check engine light comes on not the service light. So I need to know how I could check myself if one of the coils r bad.
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Either ignition system or fuel system or both, is the problem. Check ignition system is easier, go buy a spark plug test, which can insert between the coil electrode and the spark plug wire. It will light up and blink if that spark plug, its wire and its coil work okay. Test all spark plugs and wires.

If all okay, now need to check fuel system, go loan a fuel pump test gauge from an auto store, there is a port on the fuel rail that you can connect the test gauge to. Read instruction in details before you do it, since it involves fuel!! fire hazard!
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