Q: Can you tell me the exact location of the fuel pump on top of the fuel tank? on 1997 Plymouth Breeze

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I am willing to cut a hole through the floorboard to get to the pump that way.
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For christ sakes you do not cut holes to access the fuel pump. Are you kidding me? Are you really saying what you are saying? You should stay away from this car. The pump is either accessed thru the top after veropping the tank or by removing the rear seat. I really cannot believe what you said. I am sure the rest of the guys on here will laugh and shake their collective heads side to side and hope they never see you on the streets. They will want to run as fast as they can.
I know the fuel pump is inside the fuel tank accessed from the top of the tank. And I know some manufactures put access doors or panels in the floor of the car or in the trunk. I also know that others do not so we are forced to take it back to the dealer or to a mechanic with a lift and jacks and all the other and pay out the nose for what should and could be a simple job. I know several mechanics, Shop and independent, who, with the car owners permission, have cut access holes thru fender well, fire walls, and yes, even the floor, to make a 3 or 4 hour job into a 30 minute job to save the customer time and money. So Yes, If I can find the location of the fuel pump on top of the fuel tank, I will cut a 5 in circle and do the repair simply and effectivly and safely. No dropping the tank, draining the gas, balancing it on a floor jack.
If you and your friends do what you just typed then that is why techs get lumped in with you types and have a bad reputation. I mean it. You guys do not belong on this site. This is for professionals and not the likes of you guys. I am still not believing what I am hearing but you answered back with an equally irresponsible story of a bunch of hackers and not techs. Sad, sad, sad....