Q: Can you help a disabled elderly couple on getting a complete Haulover? on 1996 Dodge Caravan

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Dash board, milege lights won't come on. Speedometer does'nt work. Gas gage stuck. Radio works on one speaker. Window moter broke on passenger side. Now smelling gas after taking a trip. Windshield wiper moter broke. Air blower moter barely blows air. Fuses seem to be ok.
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-The Instrument Panel needs to be repaired, which may help your gas gauge situation. That costs $200-400 depending on what is wrong.
-A new radio speaker is about $100 or less installed.
-Need to have the fuel leak inspected ASAP, that is safety issue!!
-Need to have the wiper motor inspected, it may just be a switch or loose linkage.
-need to have the Blower motor inspected, could jammed up with debris etc., the fact that it works some what is good news.
- window repair runs $300-400

Hope that this gives you guidelines.
Or look for another car in better condition, you can most likely find one for $3000-4000

Thank you Dan,
When your living on a fixed income it kind of makes it tuff to make car repairs to a mechanic.
Got the fuel leak fixed which cost me about $150.00. What caused the problem from the beginning was the port holes in the drainage dash board had gotten cloged with leaves and debris causing the van to flood and caused my electrical problem with my dash board, blower moter and wind shield moter not to work properly. Got the port holes finally cleared and still have electrical problems. Would you think getting a code reader would help me narrowing down to what electrical problems that need to be fixed?
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