Q: Can you align a Honda Pilot without new parts? on 2009 Honda Pilot

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Honda dealer wanted $175 to do basic alignment. Independent shop charged $98 but then said parts on the Honda are not adjustable and gave me a price of $675 to replace multiple parts to do an alignment. Apparently the rear is out of alignment. I never noticed a problem - dealer suggested alignment when I took it in for an oil change.
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for some reason on the 09 pilots the left rear camber show out of spec from the wife drives an 09 pilot touring and we have had no problems with unusual wear but i rotoate with every oil change when my maint wrench comes on.i am aware that hers shows out of spec also.dont worry about it just have the dealer align best they can and keep your tires inflated to 36psi and rotated regularly.
I have the same problem on an my wife's Pilot. I just replaced the Fortera's the vehicle came with since I could no longer tolerate the noise they made at low speeds. NTB told me the rear, particularly driver's (left) side is so out of alignment that he'll have to replace the rear end shocks to get it in alignment. Personally, I think he's full of it so scheduled an appointment with the local dealer. Its still under bumper to bumper for 12K miles so not too concerned. I'd love to know how the issue got resolved.
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