Q: Can tire rotation cause break system alarms? on 2006 Buick Lucerne

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I rotated my tires recently and within two days the break light and traction control lights are on (started as intermittant). Also, when I start the car the alarm sound comes on (the 10 ding ding sound) and the display shows to service break system, traction control system and two more. Breaks work fine, same as before rotation. Thought maybe I could have knocked something loose.
(1) Answer
Sounds like you may have a wheel speed sensor problem. If there is a problem with this part at one of the wheels it could make these indicators turn on warning you to a problem. You can check the wiring to the wheel speed sensors which are inside the hub assembly. Check the wires to see if they are rubbed through. Check that they are connected. Unplug them and check the terminals for corrosion or water intrusion. If you can't see anything someone will need to hook a computer to your car and pull the codes to find out what wheel is causing the problem.
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