Q: Can the ECM be replaced on 1996 Dodge Ram 2500

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The truck started to die, barely made it to a repair shop. They said it was the computer =$1000 , had it towed home instead. Can I buy one online and change it to repair?
(2) Answers
You can buy one preprogramed and ready to install. You need the numbers off of the current ecm to order. Check NAPA.
Any funny messages like 'no bus' on in the dash? Is the check engine light working? Do you know if it will communicate with a scan tool?
Once you order another computer it's yours, even if it is not your problem!!
You can replace an ECM, but the dealer will have to re-program it. DO NOT buy a used ECM, or ECU. They need to be 'flashed' with your vehicle's info & cannot be overwritten. Look for your part on eBay, have your truck towed to the dealership & have it flashed. It will save you about $800+.
Some people think an ECU/ECM replacement is worth dumping a car for, but I think a $300 repair is cheaper than a new payment... Best of luck to you.